Eddy Hackett


ODB recording sessions

After returning from Japan (and still slightly jet-lagged...!) I had a mammoth day in PressPlay studios for Old Dirty Brasstards debut album. The studio is a little gem, located in a sprawling industrial estate, but run by Andy Ramsey who was the drummer with Stereolab. Apart from a 20 minute lunch break, we pretty much spent 10 hours straight recording the percussion tracks.....my hands were hanging off afterwards! I then headed off straight afterwards to the Brixton Blues Kitchen to do a late night gig with the Brasstards...I woke up the next morning and my hands had swollen to twice the size! 

It was a brilliant day, and we got some excellent material down - the album is going to sound fantastic. We've got one more day in the studio in a few weeks to finish off a few bits and pieces, and then it should be ready to rock n' roll around May 2016. Jim Unwin is doing an amazing job as producer on this record...check this guy out!

Here's a little clip of some bongos I laid down for Rich Turner's arrangement of 'Move on Up'....enjoy!

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